Logo Design – Types of Logo

Generally, there are 3 types of business logo – text logo, symbolic logo and combination logo. The type of logo to choose really depends on the type of business your in, the image you would like to convey to people, the uniqueness of the business name, the presence of your company in the industry and more.

Text Logo (Logotype/Wordmark)
Text logo can be defined as logo generally made up of text of a company’s name but it is usually combine with other graphical elements such as lines, borders, boxes and shapes to enhance the logo design. Text logo works well if:

  • The company’s name can effectively describes what they do
  • The company has a unique name, whereby the name itself can make the logo unforgettable
  • You have more than one type of products or services which can be difficult to represent with a single symbol or image

Symbolic/Iconic Logo 
Symbolic or iconic logo consists only symbols or images that are emblematic of a company or product. It doesn’t have any words and letters, only images, shapes and symbols. Symbolic logo will not work well if you’re just starting out on your business. If you have limited funds to market your brand, it can be difficult for people to identify your company’s symbol. To use symbolic logo effectively, one should conforms to the factors below:

  • If you already have brand recognition – people can immediately recognize your company
  • If you have a distinctive symbol in your industry
  • If you have the effort to trademark your logo

Combination Logo 
The combination logo mainly comprises text and symbols. It usually comes with a single image/symbol along with the company’s name. There are integrated or standalone combination logo where the text and symbol can be integrated together as an image as a whole or it can appear side by side. Combination logo works best if:

  • You’re starting out on your business, combination logo encourages brand recognition as it consists of a symbol that represents your business along with the company’s name.
  • You have limited funds for branding
  • You need more than just a symbol to signify your company and product.
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